Vicars Monthly Letter

February - Vicar's Letter

Dear Friends,

As I type this letter I am looking through the window into the garden.  The garden for all intense and purposes seems lifeless, the trees are bare, natures seems to have withdrawn.  And yet we know nature is just waiting for the spring and new life will begin.

As the Church and as a parish we are moving to a season which could be perceived as one where there is no growth, the season of Lent. However, like nature if we approach Lent humbly it is a season of potential growth.  A time of quiet preparation for the joys of Easter, for the joys of the Resurrected Life.  The first Sunday of Lent is on the 18th February and actually is a season of spiritual growth, discipline, fasting (for some), discernment and of searching within ourselves and for finding God anew. 

This year our Lenten Course is entitled ‘Tales from the Madhouse’ (and that’s not the vicarage!) and involves a series of monologues from individuals who lives were touched by Jesus in some way.  The course starts on Monday the 19th February at 7pm and all are welcome.  In Lent, there will also be additional services so please keep checking the notice sheets which are given out in church or can be found on the parish website under the ‘What’s On’ section.

Lent this year however, will not be like a Lent we have experienced in the past.  The Thanksgiving Service (the last service) for St John the Divine Calder Grove will be on the first Sunday in Lent.  This service will be for many a time of reflection, one of searching for Gods purpose, and asking where Jesus is on their personal journey. We pray that God at this time will give us strength, peace, understanding and reconciliation through his Son Jesus Christ.

So, my friends I will now close and be assured that you are all in my prayers as we move into Lent and a time of change.

Your friend and priest.



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