Vicars Monthly Letter

Vicar’s Letter October 2017

Dear Friends,

Well summer feels like a memory, the nights are drawing in, the central heating may have started to come on.  Yes, summer is now a memory. Memory is a strange thing, there are memories that we cherish and there are also memories that we try to forget.  Memories can be individual but they can also be collective, a shared memory with friends or a community.  Whatever the type of memory it forms us, it becomes part of us and the community that we are in.

Last month I was given the privilege of dedicating a memorial stone in Betty Eastwood Park.  The memorial is in remembrance of 22 men who lost their lives in the Crigglestone Pit disaster in 1941.  The ceremony was well attended by members of the community and also relatives of the men who tragically lost their lives.  Talking to the relatives as well as looking at the many documents really brought the tragedy home and even at this time, you could feel the painful scars running through the years for individuals and our community.  If you haven’t already, I would urge you to go and visit the memorial so that the names of those who died will never be forgotten.

As a parish, we also have shared and individual memories, that’s one of the benefits of been a community.  However, church communities are unique, we are own community as we are called to gather and give worship and praise, but we are also called to be part of the community we serve.  And as that community, we as a church are also fondly held in the memories of individuals.  Memories can be strong and emotional experiences for all concerned.  To be nostalgic was at one time seen to be a negative thing to do, as by looking at the past we are not looking forward.  Thankfully that train of thought is now changing as people now realise that we are formed by our memories, these are in many ways our foundations. Let us therefore celebrate our memories and be thankful for the precious gifts that we have been given.

Your friend and priest.






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