A traditional Book of Common Prayer (BCP) service which includes hymns led by our choir, readings and prayers. 

All are welcome to attend, Evensong is held on the third Sunday of the month at 6.00pm

A brief history

As a service, Evensong dates back to the time of the Reformation, using elements of the old monastic Offices of Vespers and Compline. The liturgy (words and ceremonial features) that the Church uses to this day was was laid out in Book of Common Prayer, in 1549. The version we use in church is dated 1662, and this is the version commonly used in most churches.  Archbishop Cranmer created the liturgy of Evensong with the general public in mind, motivated by the fact that it would condense more services than people could be expected to attend into one short service; which would be in English (of the time) compared to Latin which was used in all services prior to the Reformation. 

Evensong has had such a long tradition in many churches this means that it has a powerful sense of connecting present with past congregations, to something much greater than ourselves. As we come together in a church on a Sunday evening it is the perfect service to be still, to thank God and praise him.  We then leave church in silence and return to our homes prepared for a peaceful end to the day.

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