Update 25th August 2021

Freedom Day 19th July - the UK Goverment stopped all legal restrictions in respect to Covid on this date.  The emphasis is now to individauls and organisation to follow what they believe is best practice as we continue to fight Covid.

Within the Church of England incumbents (vicars) have authority to decide what they will stop and what they will continue after Freedom Day. After considering a number of factors as well as praying for guidence, I have decided that we will continue with some pre-Freedom Day practices. Albeit they are no longer legally enforceable I ask that all visitors consider others before making a decision to either follow or not follow the points below. These are applicable to the churches of St James' and St Peter's Woolley, this will be reviewed in Mid October. 

  1. Hand sanitiser to be used when entering and leaving church.  Also you may be asked to use sanitisers at specific points in our service.
  2. To use the NHS QR Code on arrival or to give contact details verbally so we can capture details on our Track and Trace paperwork (your details will be locked away and then destroyed after 21 days).
  3. To respect social distancing and not sit in areas that are cordoned off.

The Reverend Kevin Greaves


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