Update 3rd November 2020

Adhering to the new lockdown measures given by the English Government - there will be no public acts of worship in our churches until further notice.  

We will still be having services and these will be pre-recorded and will appear on the Facebook pages of St James the Great Chapelthorpe and also at St Peter's Woolley.  The recordings will also appear on our YouTube channel 'The Parishes of Chapelthorpe and Woolley.'  Please keep checking these pages and we hope you can join us online. 

Update 3rd September 2020

Christenings are now once again permitted in churches.  However, there are a number of guidelines we have to adhere to, to ensure everyones safety.  For more information on what these guidelines are and how to arrange a christening please visit our Christenings page under the Life Journey (Services) section on our Home page.

Update 26th July 2020

Public Eucharists within our churches. We are pleased to announce that St James the Great Chapelthorpe and St Peter's Woolley will have mid-week and Sunday Eucharists both at 10am.  The services will alternate between our churches so please check the calendars on their websites.  

Following guidance from the government and the Church of England there has been some changes to ensure everyones safety.  All visitors are strongly encouraged to wear face masks when in church, only to be removed when taking Communion.  Communion will be in one kind only, the Host and people will be guided by sides persons on when to get up and how to return to their seats observing social distancing.  On entering and leaving individuals will be asked to use the hand sanitisers. 

Seating is limited because of social distancing and we may ask you for your contact details for Track and Trace purposes.

Regrettably adhering to the government guidelines on Places of Worship, Christenings are still not permitted at this time. 

Update 24th June 2020

On Sunday 28th June St James' Doors are Open between 9.30am-10.15am for personal prayer.  You are welcome to come into church and sit in one of the pews be still and pray.  You may want to come and pray for those whose lives have been devasted with the virus.  You may equally want to thank God for the blessings you still have.  You may also want to come into the House of God to momentarily escape the worries and the concerns of the pandemic.  Whatever the reason you are most welcome.

In church we ask that you observe social distancing of 2 meters and use the hand sanitiser on arrival and also when leaving.  You may if you want wear your mask in church, that is no problem at all.  Please note at this time there will be no toilet facilities available for visitors.

You will also be aware that the Prime Minister announced yesterday that Churches can now re-open from the 4th July for services.  This is great news and we are currently waiting to hear from The House of Bishops on the practicalities of doing this, whilst still observing Covid-19 restrictions.  At the moment the services permitted are:

The Eucharist also known as The Mass - a maximum of 30 in the congregation.

Funerals in church - though only a limited number of family can attend.

Weddings - a maximum of 30 people this includes the bride and the groom.

In all the above services there will be no organist and singing is prohibited.

Regrettably at this time Christenings are not permitted, though we expect this to change very soon.  Also no social events are also to take place in church at this time.

Update 24th March 2020

Ad Clerum - A written instruction from a Bishop.

Ad Clerum sent from Bishop Nick, The Bishop of Leeds advising all clergy in the Diocese of Leeds  of the following:

  • All church buildings and cathedrals are to close for public worship and private prayer. 
  • Weddings at this time cannot proceed.
  • Funerals cannot now be conducted in our church buildings. Clergy can commend the deceased and commit the body at the crematorium or graveside.  After the outbreak has passed Memorial Services may take place if the family so wish, to celebrate the life of their loved ones - which will be open to everyone to attend.

These are the summarised points and take immediate effect in line with the new instructions from the government in respect to Covid-19 and new self-isolation measures.

Update 18th March 2020

Ad Clerum - A written instruction from a Bishop.

An Ad Clerum was sent from The Bishop of Leeds advising all clergy in the Diocese of Leeds  of the following:

  • All Christenings are to be suspended until further notice.
  • All Confirmations are suspended until further notice.
  • Changes to how the Church of England undertakes funerals and weddings during the outbreak. 
  • All elected members to the Parocial Church Council (the governing body of the church) are to have their length of service extended to the 31st October 2020.  Usually members of the Parocial Church Council are re-elected every year usually in March or April.

Update 17th March 2020

A Communication was received today from The Church of England from our Archbishops.  

With immediate effect all public acts of worships are suspended within the Church.  This means for the Churches of St James' Chapelthorpe, St Peter's Woolley and The Church at West Bretton (LEP) that there will be no mid-week or Sunday Eucharists until further notice.  Please see the link below to read the full message:


In the interim our churches will open on a Sunday for people to come into church and to pray.  Please note there will be no formal service or Eucharist (Holy Communion).  The churches of St James' and St Peter's will open alternate Sundays starting with St James' (Sunday 22nd March Mothering Sunday) at 10.30am for an hour.  Allowing people to drop in for personal prayer and to be still away from the concerns of the Coronavirus.

For reflections and prayers for this unsettling time we all find ourselves in please visit our 'Pastoral Page in Refection to Coronavirus.'

Update 16th March 2020

Following the guidance given by the UK government today the following have been cancelled until further notice.

  • Lent Course 'Finding A Voice' at St James' Chapelthorpe.
  • All Social Events at St James' Chapelthorpe, St Peter's Woolley and The Church at West Bretton.
  • Morning Prayers at St James' Chapelthorpe and St Peter's Woolley.


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