Vicars Monthly Letter

Vicar's Letter - May.

As we approached Lent this year I knew what to expect, I knew the journey that I would be on.  The Church has its own rhythm of life, Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter and so on.  We take comfort in that rhythm, its familiar, its safe.  Then everything changes because of the Covid-19 pandemic.  Lent this year has been unexpected, it's been uncomfortable, it's made me question things that I have to admit I took for granted.  After all church would be open, why wouldn’t it be?

We are living through challenging days and this Lent has made me feel that I have truly been in the wilderness for 40 days and nights.  And yet out of the darkness there is light.  Look at all the positives we are hearing and seeing about on the news, of virtual communities being created, of communities and volunteers supporting the vulnerable, the recognition that the NHS and other key workers are now rightly receiving.  How organisations including the Church are thinking 'outside of the box' to keep in contact with those whom it serves and helping those who are vulnerable.

If someone had said to me in February that I would be ‘live streaming’ services from the vicarage, I would have smiled politely and thought to myself that with my I.T. skills that it would never happen in a month of Sundays.  Now we are getting hits from far and wide such, places as Australia, Egypt and Iran.  Through our Telephone Support Tree, members of our congregations are speaking to individuals in our congregations and are getting to know each other better. 

We are now in the Easter Season, a time of renewal a time of light from the darkness of Lent.  So, let us be thankful for the blessings still in our lives.  Let us also hold in our prayers all those who have died through this pandemic and for their family and friends who may not have had the chance to say goodbye at a funeral service. 

I hope and pray that when this is finally over, as a society we will be stronger and that we will not go back to our old ways.  We will build on the compassion and care that we have shown in this pandemic and that we will never again take for granted the simple blessings we are given.

Your friend and priest




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