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Contact Us

The Reverend Kevin A.N. Greaves (Priest/Vicar)

Tel no. 01924 256031, email kevin.greaves@leeds.anglican.org

The Reverend Doctor Kathryn Goldsmith (Curate)

Tel no. 01924 240021email kathryn.goldsmith@leeds.anglican.org


Sandra Coggin (Parish Safeguarding Officer and Childrens Coordinator)      

Tel no. 07951 544828


Richard York (Church Warden and H&S Advisor)

Tel no. 01924 253148, email richard.york@talktalk.net

Wendy Allen (Church Warden, P.C.C. Secretary and Disability Rep)            

Tel no. 01924 609238, email wendyallen@talktalk.net

Paul Davis (Deputy Church Warden)

Tel no. 01924 252056 


David Wainwright (Parish Administrator)

Tel no. 01924 240036, email david.wainwright1946@gmail.com

Irene Wainwright (Gift Aid Secretary)

 Tel no. 01924 240036, email david.wainwright1946@gmail.com

Margaret Poucher (Organist, Light Lunch and Social Committee Co-Lead)

 Tel no. 01226 382136

Bev Wainwright (Verger, Light Lunch and Social Committee Co-Lead)

Tel no.  01924 240776, email keithbevwainwright1@btinternet.com

Keith Wainwright (Sacristan and Local Historian)

Tel no. 01924 240776, email keithbevwainwright1@btinternet.com