Contact Us

The Reverend Kevin A.N. Greaves (Priest/Vicar)

Tel no. 01924 256031, email

The Reverend Doctor Kathryn Goldsmith (Assistant Curate)

Tel no. 01924 240021email


Sandra Coggin (Parish Safeguarding Officer/Church Warden/PCC Secretaryand Childrens Coordinator)

Tel no. 07960 029126. email

The following number for Sandra is the Safeguarding mobile 07956 088092 and is to be called for safeguarding concerns only.

Richard York (Church Warden and H&S Advisor)

Tel no. 01924 253148, email            

Paul Davis (Deputy Church Warden)

Tel no. 01924 252056 


John Goldsmith (Treasurer)

Tel no. 01622 671742, email


Margaret Poucher (Organist, Light Lunch and Social Committee Co-Lead)

 Tel no. 01226 382136

Bev Wainwright (Verger, Light Lunch and Social Committee Co-Lead)

Tel no.  01924 240776, email

Keith Wainwright (Sacristan and Local Historian)

Tel no. 01924 240776, email





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