A Baptism also known as a Christening is a Holy Sacrament within the Church and is available to all ages.  

We are all precious in the eyes of God, and in a baptism we commit ourselves to God and His Church. For children, parents and godparents make vows (promises) on behalf of the child, an adult will make the vows themselves, though a Sponsor from one our churches will also be required.

A Sponsor within the church befriends the individual and comes alongside them. Helping them on their spiritual journey and also presents the adult in the baptism on behalf of the church.  Stating that they are of good faith and that they understand the vows that they are about to make.

Child or adult, a baptism is a commitment to start as you mean to go on.  This is a solemn vow made to God who knows our true hearts and inner thoughts, and why we stand before Him at a baptism at the start of our Christian journey.  

Godparents have an important role and have to be baptised so that they can make the vows as a Christian before God. When asked by the priest they will need to present their Baptism Certificate so this can be added into our church records (Baptism Register). If they cannot find their certificate they will need to contact the church where they were baptised and request a copy. If they haven't been baptised they would need to contact their parish church and ask the priest about being baptised. The parish church can be found by simply typing in a postcode into the following link A Church Near You As parents you may decide only to ask family and friends who have already been baptised, so not to cause any additional delay.

As part of our 'Baptism Preparation' we would love to see you and your godparents attend church regularly to experience another sacrament known as The Eucharist (Holy Communion).  Once we have got to know you and you us, you will be given a 'Baptism Request Form.'  On receipt of the form we will then invite you and your godparents to attend our 'Baptism Preparation Class' where we talk about baptisms and what it means within the Church and the importance of the vows you are making before God. We will also go through the service so you as parents and godparents know what to expect.  It's also your opportunity to ask any questions that you may have. 

When you attend the class we will then agree a date and time for the baptism. These will be offered in the order families are booked into the class. We ask that you do not book a venue for your reception until after you have attended our Baptism Preparation Class and have been given a date, as the date you have in mind may have already been given to another family. The classes are usually held on the second Tuesday of most months at 6pm.

Across our churches of St James the Great Chapelthorpe and St Peter's Woolley with West Bretton baptisms are held at the moment outside of the main service at 1.00pm.  Baptisms are only on a Sunday, for St Peter's the second Sunday and St James' the third Sunday of most months.  

After reading the above you may feel that the time just isn't right for you to make those commitments before God.  You may then want to consider a service called 'Thanksgiving for the Gift of a Child' details of this service can be found on another page on this site. Whichever service you choose the clergy and the congregations will support you on your journey.

The link below will take you to a Word document that will hopefully answer some of your questions. At the bottom of this page there is also a link that will take you to guideance in relation to Covid recommendations for baptisms.

Q&A Sheet

We look forward to meeting you, your family, your godparents and your guests.  

The Reverend Kevin Greaves


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Baptism Covid Guidance
Guidance to Family and Guests