January 2021

As we start to come out of the third lockdown, we are still waiting to receive information that christenings can once again take place.  For the parishes of Chapelthorpe and Woolley with West Bretton we have kept the narrative below as guidance only on how christenings were conducted before the second lockdown.  Please note these may change as we receive new guidance. 

There are a number of new guidelines we have to adhere to, to ensure everyones safety within church.  This means how we conduct christenings is different to how we did them before the pandemic.  Below are the key points:

  1. Maximum number of guests 30, this includes the parent(s) and godparents.

  2. Names and contact details of those attending the service need to be given by the family at least 72hrs before the service.  This is required for Track and Trace purposes in the event of someone advising the church that they have been diagnosed with the virus.

  3. Face coverings are to be worn when entering the church and throughout the service. Hand sanitser is to be used when entering and leaving the church.

  4. Social distancing is to be adhered to, the only exception is family bubbles.

  5. The priest is no longer permitted to hold the child in the servce only the parent(s) or family member can do this.

  6. Anointing of Holy Oil will be administered with a cotton wool bud.  Anointing of Holy Water is to be administered by dripping the water gently onto the childs head.

  7. Christenings will no longer be in the main Sunday Service but will now be at 12noon. The number of Sundays offered for christenings has also been greatly reduced.  They will now only happen when there hasn't been a Sunday morning service in that church (for deep cleaning purposes).  

  8. Christening Preparations will still continue prior to the christening however, these will be only for family bubbles not as before when several families came together.

  9. Lastly, please note there are no toilet facilities available in church at this time.

For more information please contact Reverend Kevin Greaves (details are on our Contact page).


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